Invite members

This manual helps you add other members to a domain.

Go to Team Members

Open Tab 'Team Member'

Fill an Invitation Form

Click on Invite

And fill the invitation form:

  1. Write the correct Email of a new member

  2. Select Role

  3. Choose a specific Team in that you want to add a new member (optional)

and press Invite.

About Roles:

  1. Admin -- this account has no-restriction access to a domain.

  2. Agent -- this account can handle only assigned cases on itself.

  3. Team manager - this account can manage all cases inside of Team.

Accept the Invitation

After these manipulations, on specified e-mail, there will be received a letter. Follow the link to end up creating an account.

If you can't find the letter in your Inbox, please, check Spam.

Create an account

After clicking on the link (previous step), you'll go through on page where you need to set the member's name and create a password. Then, click Confirm.

Set up the account

Go to Account settings

Upload Profile Photo

This step is required.

Set up Telegram Client

If you skip this step, you can't handle any cases.

Ensure that the Member's Telegram account doesn't have privacy restrictions for people who can add you to groups.

Go to Account settings and click Confirm

Keep in mind your PIN-code and click Open Telegram

Go through into Telegram and send PIN-code. After that, your Telegram account will be linked with your Hugery account.

That's all 🎉

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