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Depending on a client's Owner

Client's cases can be routed to a certain user automatically.
If you want to use that, you need to set a client's Owner either in a case window
or a client's profile
Switching or disabling an Owner is easily as well. Every user has permission to assign a client's Owner. After the above manipulations, all client's cases will be routed to an Owner automatically.
Not to be missed any case from a client who has an Owner, who may have a day off , you can use an Owner's activity status.
It can be done by an Owner in Account settings.
by a Team Manager, who leads the team in which an Owner is in, Admins and Super Admin.
If an Owner has an inactive status, all new clients' cases will go into a common queue. As soon an Owner switches their status back, new clients' cases will be assigned to them again.